All-in-One Family Entertainment Retro Game Box for TV, PC, and Projector



Item specifics:

Model Number: Game Machine
Language:Multinational languages
TV output:720 fps output
Material: Metal+acrylic+plastic
Product name: Game box
Usage: Entertainment
MOQ: 1sets
Feature: Indoor Games Play
Player: 2 Players
Design: OEM. ODM
Type: Indoor Game Set

Product Description:

  • 100+ 2/3D games.
  • CRT /VGA /HDMI low resolution picture tube LCD/HD three output signal support
  • Green energy-saving design. Ultra high definition screen ,voice processing engine,new architecture chip!
  • Please contact customer service to send PDF file for game directory
  • The language version can be set in the background,Support 30+ languages
  • You can customize the button sorting in the background
  • Free mode, enhanced picture quality, adjustable difficulty life
  • 1080 * 720. True full HD: 720p Hd
  • You can customize the color, product-specific logo, number of games, memory, etc. Contact customer service to create a game box that is unique to you.

Product Contains:

  1. Box Console: The central unit of the gaming system, equipped with advanced hardware to provide a high-quality gaming experience.
  2. Power Adapter (U.S. Standard Plug): A power adapter with a plug compatible with United States electrical outlets, ensuring the box can be powered in regions using U.S. standards.
  3. Power Cable: A durable cable to connect the power adapter to the box console, ensuring a stable power supply.
  4. Various Connectivity Cables: Includes cables such as HDMI, USB, or others, depending on the model, for connecting the box to various devices like TVs, monitors, or external peripherals.
  5. Instruction Manual: A comprehensive guidebook providing setup instructions, troubleshooting tips, and general usage information for the gaming box.
  6. Product Packaging Box: A sturdy and attractively designed box that contains all the components, offering protection and a good unboxing experience for the customer.